FiddleSticks: AMPERSAND -- Katie and Liz


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This is Katie and Liz's joint project album. Like Lennon and McCartney, they wrote together all the music, and then played it. (Katie plays fiddle and viola, Liz plays cello and guitar). The rest of the band's still here, but in backup: Becca with vocals and Marco on bodhran. Guest artists include Jake Armerding on mandolin and Cat Larsen on piano and guitar.

Katie and Liz produced the album, too -- and explain it all in their artist notes on the album like this: Katie & Liz Davis are sisters (hence the same last name.) Once upon a time, Katie was born with a fiddle in her hands, which proved less difficult than when Liz was born exactly two years later with a cello in hers. In the early nineties, the girls' mom Kira, a folk harpist, let them gig with her at Bar Mitzvahs and Renaissance Festivals in Maryland. What started out as a casual family hobby eventually grew up, moved to Utah, and named itself FiddleSticks. Lately, Katie and Liz have expanded their musical vocabulary to include more Old-time, Bluegrass, and Jazz influences, while still staying true to their Celtic roots.

This album highlights the new techniques and ideas that we've been playing around with. We hope it fits your fancy. -- Katie and Liz

Tune List:

1. Waddle Waltz/Jenny Dang the Weaver (Liz and Katie Davis)
2. Little Maggie (Traditional)
3. Ha Ha (Liz and Katie Davis)
4. O May (Liz Davis)
5. Jack Be Nimble (Liz and Katie Davis)
6. Grandma Betty's Jig (Katie Davis)
7. Aftermath of the Pumpkin Wars (Katie Davis)
8. Bonaparte's Retreat (Traditional)
9. Xanny Boy (Liz Davis)
10. Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier (Traditional)
11. Three Little Jiggies Went to Market (Traditional)
12. Whole Lotta (Liz and Katie Davis)