FiddleSticks: Time and Again


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In this fourth recording, the FiddleSticks family band presents a wide array of traditional Celtic music -- plaintive love ballads, raucous jigs and dance reels, silly songs, serene instrumentals, and for good measure a traditional hymn. The collection is called "Time and Again" because it's a bit retrospective: many of the tunes are old favorites the band has been performing since the family started playing together years ago -- in fact some of the tunes appeared on FiddleSticks' first recording in 1998, "The Sampler." The rest are new discoveries or compositions that have become FiddleSticks standards in the past year or so. All the tunes, old and new, take on dynamic new character in this eclectic collection.

Tune List:

  • My Young Love (He Moved Through the Fair); Banish Misfortune 5:03
  • You Ain't Getting None of My Money; Frances's Pajamas; Sandals in the Snow 4:48
  • Caribou Gumbo: Caribou Reel; Catharsis 3:44
  • Green Grow The Rashes 3:17
  • Grandma Betty's Jig; Iggy & Squiggy 2:34
  • Colcannon 2:14
  • The Butterfly; Skidoo; Scots Reel; Butterfly Reprise; Road to Lisdoonvarna 5:54
  • O My Luve's Like a Red, Red Rose 3:38
  • Brisk Young Lassie 0:57
  • Drunk at Night, Dry i' da Mornin; Irish Lasses 4:55
  • The Three Sisters 2:11
  • Elzic's Farewell 3:18
  • Mystical Encounters of Homer, Aristotle & Sophocles; I Wish You Would Marry Me Now 3:55
  • Ca' the Yowes tae the Knowes 3:44
  • Nearer My God to Thee 5:00