What folks are saying about FiddleSticks!


"Best Contemporary Instrumental Recording of the Year" (in 2004 for "Cat and the Fiddle" and 2008 for "Ampersand")     
  -- Faith Centered Music Assocation, Pearl Awards (Salt Lake City UT)

"Your music is charming and lovely, both relaxing and fun to listen to. What more could I want?"      -- Deborah Henson-Conant (jazz harpist, Boston, MA)

"The recording is terrific; I'm so pleased"
     -- Joy McCarthy (Celtic fiddler and composer, Berkeley CA)

"Your music is inspiring, soothing and lively. It warmed my heart and kept my foot tapping"
     -- Chieko Okazaki (Mormon Church leader and author, Salt Lake City UT)

"Well, I don't know what you thought about that music, but it sounded like hell to me."
     -- Marion D. Hanks (Mormon Church leader and author, Salt Lake City UT)

"Your music is lovely, true, and heartfelt. Thank you!"
     -- Sue Richards (Celtic harper, Bethesda MD)

"The perfect Christmas gift . . . Brings a happy, peaceful feeling each time you listen to it."
     -- Daily Herald (Provo UT)

"The kids like the lively ones, of course--appropriate for kitchen dancing, and we adults tend toward the 'Lost Love' type ballads."
     -- Steven Kapp-Perry (composer/performer, Cedar Hills UT)

"Your band is great, keep it up"
     -- Lisa Moscatiello (singer-songwriter, Wheaton MD)

"Your music made my Scotch and Irish blood bubble!"
     -- Reid Nibley (music professor and concert pianist, Provo UT)

"I'm sure I'll listen to it over and over, and I know I'll use it in my classroom for my students."
     -- Luana Nelson Au (teacher, Ogden UT)

"When I'm stuck in traffic I pop your CD into the car stereo and things just seem better. You should market your music as a cure for road rage"
     -- Paul Nielsen (film editor, Los Angeles CA)

"Our whole family listened to your recording and we were transfixed"
     -- Marsha Paulsen Peters (Iowa City IA)

"Your CD has become my treasure! It stays on the CD player all the time."
     -- Barbara Luke (Provo UT)

"We are all now FiddleSticks fans, listening to your music over and over, singing, dancing -- and weeping at times"
     -- Deb Marcotte (Barrington NH)

"You have a gift -- it's not just in the music, but in the hearts of your family who perform"
     -- David Arrington (Salt Lake City UT)

"Your music is beautiful, wonderful, incredible (and every other amazing word you can think of)!"
     -- Jean Ann Michie (Purcelville VA)

"Your harmony, spirit, and enthusiasm for life inspire us, your greatest fans"
     -- Steve & Debbie Barnes (Eugene OR)

"You and your daugters were amazing! Your wonderful music was definitely the high point of the Earth Day Celebration!"
     -- Victoria Smith (Utah Museum of Natural History, Salt Lake City)

"The one CD we purchased at the festival just isn't enough for our family. Please send four more!"
     -- Mike Pitts (Salt Lake City)

"This album is knockout! I mean, the others are great, but Time & Again sounds like you're bustin' out of the studio!"
     -- Ben Huff (philosopher, Notre Dame IN)

"Production is excellent, the arrangements are fresh, and it makes you want to jig around the house!"
     -- Julia Davis Allen (singer/songwriter, Nashville TN)

"I listen to your CDs and recieve much joy and inspiration from them. I love them all!"

     -- Evelyn Petros Gumpel (journalist, Vienna, Austria)

"Congratulations on the Pearl Award. It is a significant validation of your work."

     -- Newell Dayley (Dean BYU College of Fine Arts and Communications, Provo UT)

"I heard FiddleSticks at the Amphitheater Festival, and was blown away! I was entranced by the delicate and driving music, by the angelic voices, by the impossibly accomplished fiddle virtuosity, and the excitement of the Celtic drum."

     -- Dave Edwards (singer/songwriter, Highland UT)

"Top Ten in Utah Valley"
     -- (Utah Valley Magazine, Provo UT)

"We enjoyed your music and your stage presence immensely!"
Cyndee Montague
     -- (Director, Pinedale Fine Arts Council, Pinedale WY)

"Your music was wonderful -- we could have listened for hours! many hearts were lifted and spirits lightened."
     -- James Paramore (President LDS Church Family and Church History Mission, SLC, UT)

"Thanks for playing at the Mission President's Fireside. It takes real professionals to do what you did."
     -- Barrie G. McKay (Independence Visitors' Center, Independence MO)