FiddleSticks: The Cat and the Fiddle


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Katie says about "The Cat and the Fiddle:" This album focuses on the fiddle. It's sort of my solo album which I got to arrange, write, and produce. I tried to explore new areas which FiddleSticks could try out, at the same time being true to our family's sound. I decided on the name "The Cat and the Fiddle" because I wanted this album to convey a playful, familiar twang. I see three categories of music on this CD -- traditional dance music, original fiddle tunes, and vocal songs. I hope the combination of heritage and exploration will make the relaxed appeal I was striving for.

This album is dedicated to my sister Rebecca who is the flute/whistle player and vocalist in the FiddleSticks band, but was serving an LDS mission in Tokyo, Japan while we were recording this CD. She is an excellent musician and beautiful woman, and I admire her for her spirit and bravery.
-Katie Davis

Tune List:

  • Zebe's Girl (Liz Davis); Morrison's Jig (Irish Traditional)
  • Adam Ondi-Ahman (American traditional/William W. Phelps)
  • The Fishing Reels (Irish traditional); Out of the Water (Mark Davis)
  • Cloudwaltz (Katie Davis)
  • Ye Banks and Braes o' Bonnie Doon (Robert Burns)
  • Neverbland (Katie Davis)
  • Jonathan's Reel (Katie Davis); Captain McDuff's Reel (Scottish traditional)
  • Short Trip Home (Edgar Meyer); Whiskey Before Breakfast (American traditional)
  • Green Book Reels (Irish traditional)
  • Westlin' Winds (Robert Burns)
  • Sweet Sweet Love (Katie Davis)
  • Savannah (Katie Davis)
  • See Spot Run (Katie and Liz Davis)
  • Improv (Katie and Liz Davis)